Surface Treatment in the Medical Device Industry

Technical Whitepaper for surface treatment of Surgical Instruments, Medical Implants, medical furniture, electro-medical equipment, medical tubes and more.

Passivation I Anodization I Electroplating of medical equipment, medical furniture and medical tools

For passivation of aluminum, the replacement of Cr(VI)-based solutions is nothing new. Processes like SurTec 650 or Cr-free solutions are the benchmark. They are REACH and RoHS compatible. For the pre-treatment before coating or bonding, also phosphate replacements gets more popular to reduce sludge and improve process handling...

Cleaning I Passivation I Electropolishing of surgical instruments and medical implants

Surface Treatment processes like Electropolishing straighten the surface and avoid bacterial adhesion. In addition, the manufacturing process and the requirements of the purity of the products require comprehensive cleaning processes...


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