Responsible conduct is an integral part of our corporate identity and a mandatory requirement for all our companies and partners worldwide. Specialist functions within our organisation are dedicated to environmental and health protection, occupational health and safety, as well as social responsible and economical conduct and sustainability. Our employees are encouraged to actively integrate these values into their everyday work.

Our long-term corporate success is based on responsible business practices. Economic success, social responsibility, environmental care and sustainable use of our products and services are intrinsically tied to each other.
We take care for the impact of our actions on people and the environment.

Taking this into account the building of SurTec Deutschland GmbH in Zwingenberg (offices, laboratories, production facilities and warehouse) was built to passive house standard in 2000. The energy balance was massively improved and operating costs reduced thanks to high-end structural heat insulation, thermal glazing, ventilation with heat recovery, a facade with no leaks or heat bridges, and replacement of air conditioning systems with passive cooling.

As part of the Freudenberg family business, we aim to play our part in ensuring well-ordered social, environmental and economic structures remain in place for our employees, customers, partners and the public into the future.

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