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High-performance corrosion protection and aesthetic gloss for demanding surfaces in the building and construction industry

Finished surfaces are very common in the Construction industry. Surface-finished parts can be found, for instance, on furniture, bath taps, radiators, window and door fittings.

Especially in your own four walls, the demands on appearance, design and environmental awareness are extremely high. SurTec offers solutions for this market that take these high demands of the end user into account.

Aluminium Profiles Optimally Protected against Filiform Corrosion

Aluminium profiles are an elementary component of modern buildings and constructions. Equally elementary is a high-performance corrosion protection for the aluminium. SurTec 643 is especially characterised by the fact that filiform corrosion and paint adhesion remain within the specifications without any problems even in strongly aged and contaminated baths. During the development of this technology, the main focus was put on an optimised process and quality control for bath and final product.

Aluminium profiles

Durable and Robust for Daily Use

Window fittings connect the movable part of a window with the immovable part and form the basis for functionality and security. SurTec's Functional Electroplating processes give the fittings a high level of corrosion protection and thus excellent weather resistance. In addition, homogeneous layers are produced that ensure a discreet and attractive appearance - whether matt or glossy.


High-Quality Chrome Look for High-Quality Fittings

Due to its property as a 100% chromium(VI) replacement in Decorative Electroplating, SurTec 883 XT is perfectly suited for the application in the sanitary industry. The chromium(III) based technology produces aesthetic and high performance surfaces with identical colour values as achieved by conventional chromium(VI) processes. This fact allows a mixed installation of chromium(VI) and chromium(III) coated components.


Safety in all Respects

What needs to be secured is usually surrounded by a fence, but what protects the fence from the many environmental influences to which it is exposed? Usually zinc or iron phosphatings are used here. SurTec, on the other hand, has specialised in phosphate replacement technologies that are in no way inferior to conventional processes in terms of corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.

SurTec offers the right solution for every base material: SurTec 650 for aluminium; SurTec 609 EC for steel.

Security fence

Process Cost Optimisation with Phosphate-replacement Technologies

With our phosphate replacement technologies we strive for a robust process with maximum process safety and minimal maintenance for example for HVAC systems. That leads to significant process cost optimisation compared to other phosphate replacement technologies available on the market. 

SurTec 609 EC is especially suitable for the base material steel while SurTec 650 is the technology of choice for aluminium.

HVAC system

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