Medical Devices and Precision Engineering

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Due to the material basis and the type of use, medical devices and precision components are subject to natural aging processes. In addition, the manufacturing process and the requirements of the purity of the products require extensive cleaning processes.

For cleaning in the manufacturing process, the simplified phrase "sterile = pure" has long been applied. Only the recognition of the late effects of inadequate purity and surface treatment with enormous effects on the patient led to more stringent requirements and a rethinking in the medical device industry.

In terms of patient safety, the cleaning of particulate and filmic contaminants is becoming increasingly important. Even in other areas of precision engineering, any other process without a final cleaning will not add value.

Process methods such as pickling, electropolishing or anodizing prevent additional microbial adhesion, increase corrosion protection and enable a longer product life.

SurTec is a supplier of specialty chemicals for industrial parts cleaning, metal pre-treatment as well as electroplating and act as a full service provider for your requirements regarding surface treatment in your manufacturing process.

Some examples of processes that SurTec has already successfully implemented in this industry:

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