Next Generation for Pre-treatment of Aluminium Wheels


Due to the increasing demand for aluminium wheels the optimization of production processes comes to the fore. In this context, SurTec has developed an efficiency-enhancing process for the pre-treatment of aluminium wheels which is setting new benchmarks. 

SurTec 644 is an almost sludge-free process for the conversion of aluminium wheels. The polymers used provide optimal paint adhesion and thus a very good basis for corrosion protection on the wheel surface.
The process hardly deposits sludge or incrustations on the tank walls, particularly in the cleaning zones according to previous experience. Due to this fact, time-consuming descaling operations become unnecessary. This significantly improves process stability since spray nozzles don’t become clogged due to the use of the cleaners SurTec 062 and SurTec 085. SurTec 644 is therefore a modern and robust process with optimized paint adhesion. 
SurTec 062 and SurTec 085 for cleaning and SurTec 642 for pickling passivation are recommended for the entire process. SurTec 642 forms a first conversion layer and also works almost sludge-free.

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