SurTec 883 XT 100 % chromium(VI) substitute with chromium(VI) colour


Due to the REACH regulation chromium(VI) processes – which are hazardous to environment and health – are getting increasingly displaced by chromium(III). Not only in Europe, but worldwide, applicators have been looking for an ideal chromium(VI) replacement, both in terms of function and colour.

That's exactly what our specialists at SurTec have achieved.

SurTec 883 XT is a trivalent decorative chromium process. It achieves identical colour values as established chromium(VI) processes, making it the first and only process on the market that reliably meets users' requirements.

Measured with the CM-700d spherical spectrophotometer from Konica Minolta, SurTec 883 XT achieves the following values:
L = 83 to 85
a = -0.5 to -0.8
b = -0.5 to -1.5

In addition, integration into existing plants is possible without any problems and wastewater treatment is much easier compared to chromium(VI) processes. A mix of chromium(VI) and chromium(III) parts is also possible with SurTec 883 XT. The process provides uniform covering power with a deposition rate of 0.2 to 0.3 μm per 3-5 minutes and reproducibly, uniformly and consistently provides the known chromium(VI) colour.

SurTec 883 XT has been developed as a chromium(VI) substitute and is used worldwide in the automotive, sanitary, household, leisure, medical devices and furniture industries as well as in shopfitting.

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