Changes in Delivery Strategy SurTec Announces Changes in Delivery Strategy for the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Market


Čačak, 15.11.2019. SurTec, the specialist for surface technology announces strategical changes in its delivery process effective from January 1, 2020. 

From 2020 onwards, the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market will be supplied directly from the production and sales unit SurTec Čačak d.o.o. located in Serbia. Products that have been ordered so far were actually produced by and shipped from this site. This assures that there won’t be any changes to the formulation or quality of the products. All products will remain at customers’ disposal.

Products will be shipped directly to customers without intermedia warehouse. Therefore, holding a certain internal stock is recommended. Any assistance requested by customers for processing orders and preparing import documents will be provided by the team of SurTec Čačak. 

SurTec Čačak d.o.o. is part of the SurTec Group based in Germany - a member of the Freudenberg Group. In its production unit, SurTec Čačak is manufacturing based on orginal formulations, using high quality raw materials. Well equiped laboratories assure excellent product quality and outstanding customer service. SurTec Čačak is currently producing for ten countries within the area and has hence long-standing experience in supplying the Central Eastern Europe region.

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