SurTec Deco Forum Successful workshop conducted in Zwingenberg


On November 27, 2019, SurTec hosted its first “SurTec Deco Forum”, a tutorial on the company’s latest developments in the field of decorative electroplating. At SurTec’s major R&D and production facility in Zwingenberg, Germany, the main question was about how to handle the radical change in decorative electroplating caused by REACH regulations and the associated restrictions on chromium(VI) usage.
Among the guests of the “SurTec Deco Forum” were representatives of the Automotive, Medical Devices and Consumer Goods industry as well as from many other areas. Jochen Liebert, Global Product Manager at SurTec International, and Peter Böttcher, Project Manager at SurTec Germany, presented the advantages and ease of use of SurTec’s decorative trivalent chromium processes SurTec 88X which have been used very successfully in standard production at many platers for some years already. Speakers from equipment and plant manufacturers as well as experts for wastewater treatment and automization confirmed that everything is set to accomplish the switch from hexavalent to trivalent chromium technology.
The participants appreciated the detailed explanation of the crucial combination of chemistry and equipment such as the exclusive Metakem TCP anode, filters, tanks and the iron exchange technology. Consequently, remaining open questions of the audience could be answered. Afterwards, conversations about concrete projects took place showing that OEMs and job platers are now willing to switch to trivalent chromium.
And this is not only valid for Germany. With its own entities and partners in more than 40 countries, SurTec’s decorative chromium(VI)-free technology and technical support is available worldwide. If it's Europe, Asia or the Americas – OEMs around the globe are on the lookout for technologies that convincingly can replace the standard chromium(VI) technologies in decorative electroplating.

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