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On average, about 2000 fasteners are installed in a common passenger car. They are often invisible but always essential. Screws and nuts hold car or other machinery components together, they have to resist extreme environmental impacts and guarantee a smooth and safe driving experience.

Of course, it's not only vehicles where fasteners are essential. In fact, the industry is also strongly tied to the production of aircrafts, appliances, agricultural machinery, commercial construction, and infrastructure. More than 200 billion fasteners are used per year in the U.S., 26 billion of these by the automotive industry. 

SurTec, as a supplier for tailor-made chemical specialities, is unique in the field of surface treatment for fasteners offering solutions along the entire process chain: 

SurTec's electroplating processes include every step from the pre-treatment, solutions for zinc and zinc alloys to top coats and sealers. 

By choosing SurTec as their chemical supplier customers benefit from a broad range of profound expertise, excellent service, global contacts and high-quality products - everything from a single source. 

Anything But Average

Cold formed parts are needed for all types of power supply. SurTec 199 P is the solution for reliable dephosphating processes. Due to the absence of hard complexing agents it simplifies waste water treatment and significantly increases bath life time compared to standard caustic dephosphating.


Cleaning prior to Heat-treatment

Creating added value for the entire process through the additional benefit of cleaning - that is our goal. Residue-free surfaces after cleaning and the rapid evaporation of the temporary corrosion protection can contribute significantly to a longer service life of the heat furnace and at the same time minimise the reject rate.

See SurTec 042 for more details.


Chromium(VI)-free Thick Layer Passivation for Zinc and Zinc Alloys

SurTec 680 Chromiting is a universal process for zinc and zinc alloys. It meets highest requirements regarding heat resistance and corrosion protection whilst allowing for a waste water free application. 

There is also a Chromiting version available which is low in cobalt: SurTec 680 LC

Corrosion Protection for the Aerospace Industry

As a replacement of cadmium coatings for fastening elements in the aerospace industry, Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH has developed a combination of an ultra-thin PVD aluminium coating with the chromium(VI)-free passivation SurTec 650. This way the properties of the substrates steel and titanium, which are the core of the fasteners, are crossed with those of aluminium. Hence, the treated components do not show any risk of hydrogen embrittlement or contact corrosion even though they are made of steel or titanium. At the same time they are corrosion resistant and electrically conductive due to the passivation with SurTec 650

Accompanying Technologies for a Smooth Process

In addition to passivations SurTec offers high-performance sealers and topcoats that boost corrosion resistance and consolidate the desired appearance. Our special lubricant technologies can adjust the friction coefficient and support customers to achieve optimal parameters. 



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