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SurTec 782 EARTH

High Alloy Zinc/Iron/Manganese Process

  • Proven in series production for several years
  • Excellent heat resistant corrosion protection, especially with the passivations SurTec 680 Chromiting or SurTec 675/551 Cobalt-free Passivation
  • Especially well suited for subsequent coating

SurTec 782 EARTH is a novel, environmentally compatible and safe electroplating technology with high corrosion resistance for rack and barrel application. Since January 2017 it is used in industrial scale. It replaces simple phosphating processes as well as the alternative zinc/nickel layers as pre-treatment for subsequent painting. 

Zinc/nickel electrolytes and coatings can trigger allergies; nickel-containing dust can cause cancer. Therefore, SurTec 782 EARTH reduces health risks for all who are involved in a step of the (end-)product life cycle. 

The process is robust and comparatively uncomplicated in application. The bath components can be supplemented by a consumption additive and if necessary, controlled by tools. The components used in the electrolyte and deposited in the layer are future-proof and harmless to humans and most other living creatures.

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