SurTec 882 Chromium(VI)-free Decorative Bright Chromium for Dark Colours


  • Environmentally-friendly, chromium(VI)-free plating process
  • Produces reproducibly, evenly and consistently a dark colour
  • Minimal process cycles due to high deposition rate
  • High corrosion protection in CASS and calcium-chloride test
  • Specially designed TCP anodes guarantee a robust and homogeneous coating
  • Developed e.g. for automotive/sanitary/household/furniture industry
  • Colour measurement (Konica Minolta d 700): L = 65.0-70.0 / a = 0.0-0.4 / b = 2.5-3.0

Approval and specification

IMDS-No.: 573876501

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Markets and applications

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