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SurTec 451

Ebavurage chimique

  • Uniform and reproducable deburring result also for complex geometries
  • Improved occupational safety due to moderate pH value in the bath
  • Constant consumption enables automatic dosing

Chemical Deburring offers many advantages over other deburring processes. For example, the chemical process is particularly advantageous when removing burrs and particles from components with complicated geometry and in places that are mechanically difficult to access. 

Burrs, splinters and other particles are produced during the machining of metallic workpieces. For example during milling or turning. For further processing of the workpiece, burrs can lead to significant impairments, up to the failure of entire aggregates. For this reason, deburring is an important step in the process chain. 

Burr Removal even in the most Difficult Places

Excellent results in chemical deburring of components with complicated geometry and in places that are mechanically difficult to access.

Effective and Safe at the Same Time

The advanced formulation of the deburring chemicals has made it possible to achieve the optimum between good performance and reduced hazard potential in terms of occupational safety.

This is also shown by the direct comparison with many competitive processes with regard to labelling according to the CLP regulation.

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Proven Technology in Various Areas

The deburring process SurTec 451 has proved to be very successful in the field of textile machines, the automotive industry and general engineering.

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Chemical Deburring in 60 Seconds

The Chemical Deburring process SurTec 451 is an electroless chemical process which removes burrs on steel parts created by cutting, milling, forging, and molding. Due to the chemical reactions and kinetic effects a local potential difference between peaks and valleys is formed. The potential difference causes a preferred removal of the burrs and therefore a leveling of the surface.

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