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SurTec 650

Passivation base Cr3 pour Aluminium

  • QPL-listed; Meets MIL-DTL-81706-B and MIL-DTL 5541-F
  • Global benchmark technology in the electronics industry due to low surface resistance
  • Global benchmark technology in the aerospace and automotive industry due to best-in-class bare metal corrosion protection and excellent paint adhesion on painted substrates
  • Global benchmark technology in the architectural industry due to outstanding filiform corrosion resistance and best-in-class paint adhesion to powder paints
  • Based on a NAVAIR-Patent

Electrical Conductivity with no Contact Corrosion

Uncompromising quality is of fundamental importance in the aerospace industry. To ensure functionality at the highest level, aircraft manufacturers define very specific requirements for the surface finish of aluminium electronic housings. In addition to corrosion resistance in the uncoated state, the surface must on the one hand be electrically conductive and on the other hand not tend to contact corrosion with other metal components. When using SurTec 650, this complex requirement profile is fulfilled, so that the Cr(VI) compounds, which are still widely used in the aerospace industry, can be replaced. 


Pre-treatment System for Future-oriented Technologies

5G is the mobile network technology of the future. It enables real-time transmissions and forms the basis for the digitalisation of numerous processes in both industrial and private environments. For reliable network operation, 5G antennas and masts must be effectively protected against corrosion. Top global 5G suppliers rely on SurTec 650 for the use on their components. 

5G Mast

Corrosion Protection for the Aerospace Industry

As a replacement of cadmium coatings for fastening elements in the aerospace industry, Aalberts Surface Treatment GmbH has developed a combination of an ultra-thin PVD aluminium coating with the chromium(VI)-free passivation SurTec 650. This way the properties of the substrates steel and titanium, which are the core of the fasteners, are crossed with those of aluminium. Hence, the treated components do not show any risk of hydrogen embrittlement or contact corrosion even though they are made of steel or titanium. At the same time they are corrosion resistant and electrically conductive due to the passivation with SurTec 650

Reliable Protection of Electric Drives

Particularly in the case of connector strips with insert seals, which are increasingly used in electric drives, sufficient corrosion protection of the seal is explicitly required. By using the chromium(III)-containing passivation SurTec 650, the corrosion resistance of the seal can be improved significantly and the - for the Volkswagen group relevant - specification PV 1209 (720 hours in the neutral salt spray test) can be reached reliably.

Homologations, certificats et résultats de test

  • Qualicoat Approval

    Qualicoat Approval

  • QPL-listed


  • MIL-DTL-81706-B and MIL-DTL 5541-F

    MIL-DTL-81706-B and MIL-DTL 5541-F

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