SurTec wins Sustainability Award

SurTec was rewarded for their environmental sustainability and taking responsibility for society

SurTec attended the SFCHINA in Shanghai from November 15 to 17, 2017, where 300 exhibitors come together for the region's largest trade fair in the surface technology industry. The company presented comprehensive and fundamental processes to improve environmental sustainability and workplace safety. Three new concepts were presented: CRS, a regeneration system for zinc/nickel electrolytes that removes impurities created in the coating process and thus helps prevent the creation of toxic cyanides. SurTec also presented IAT – an ion exchange system to regenerate and extend the operating life of their proprietary Cr-III passivation. A special anode for trivalent decorative chrome plating to increase the electrolyte's service life and effectiveness was also presented.

All three procedures are a significant improvement for the environmental friendliness of chemical surface treatment procedures, helping to reduce both raw material consumption and waste. The SFCHINA organization committee gave the award to SurTec in recognition of their environmental sustainability and taking responsibility for society.

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