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SurTec 149

Desengraxante de Alta Eficiência para Latas de Aerossol em Monobloco de Alumínio

  • No extra defoamer required, minimal foam formation even with high load of lubricants
  • Optimal adhesion and no porosity issues with traditional (PAM, BPA) or advanced (BPA-NI) in-line coating systems
  • Minimal attack without loss in gloss
  • Significant reduction of chemical consumption via minimisation of concentration and overflow
  • Proven track record of optimizing process costs by 20-50%
  • Available as Si-containing (SurTec 149) and Si-free version (SurTec 149 SF)

High Performance at low Process Costs

In terms of cleaning of monobloc aluminium aerosol cans, we strive for process cost optimisation: SurTec 149 lowers water consumption, increases the bath life time and considerably reduces maintenance efforts.

Cleaning line for aluminium cans


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