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SurTec 609 EC

Substituto do Fosfato para Pré-Tratamento Multi-Metal

  • Corrosion Resistance almost on the level of ZnPhos
  • Process cost can be reduced significantly vs. standard phosphate processes
  • Very high flash-rust stability; line stoppages can be handled
  • No mapping effect when E-coated

Phosphate Replacement for Multi-Metal Pre-Treatment

The phosphate-free multi-metal pre-treatment prior to cathodic dip painting SurTec 609 EC achieves comparable corrosion protection properties as conventional zinc phosphatings. Furthermore, SurTec 609 EC is characterised by a minimum formation of flash rust and maximum resistance against contamination during operation.

In the past, zinc phosphatings were often used as a base before powder coating due to their excellent corrosion protection properties. Today, phosphate-free alternatives like SurTec 609 EC are state of the art. The corrosion protection properties of the phosphate-free technologies are similar to those of zinc phosphatings and are hence perfectly suited for the surface treatment of White Goods.


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