Industrielle Teilereinigung


Industrial Parts Cleaning

Industrial Parts Cleaning is one of four core areas of expertise at SurTec. Striving for optimum cleaning can lead to significant advantages in the whole chain of a production process. Choosing the best cleaning agent allows new substances to be integrated and enables more complex components, higher quality structures or more sophisticated production methods to be introduced. Cleaning processes are also playing an increasingly important role in improving efficiency by maximising the reliability of processes, ensuring low rework rates and optimising costs.

Recyclable, modular multi-component cleaning agents are the most efficient way to ensure optimum cleanliness of components and compliance with minimum residual contamination requirements. These can be systematically adapted to the relevant requirements. With modular multi-component systems, it is also possible to monitor the cleaning process analytically with minimum effort and to control it in order to guarantee consistent cleaning quality throughout the entire lifetime.

Examples of processes which – in close cooperation with the customer and the cleaning equipment manufacturer – have led to advantages for the chain are:

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