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Metal Pre-treatment

Leading-edge corrosion resistance meets continuous improvement - at SurTec we have committed ourselves to provide customers with tailor-made pre-treatment systems that meet highest standards

The requirement profile for the pre-treatment process changes continuously in surface finishing. In addition to pure functionality, cost considerations, process reliability, the consistent achievement of quality standards and product sustainability are becoming increasingly important. It is precisely these factors that enable a user to differentiate and position himself in his respective market environment.

This is why SurTec is concentrating primarily on a new generation of processes in the development and marketing of its special chemicals for metal pre-treatment. These are generally characterised by their ease of use, industrial robustness, possibilities for precise process control and, above all, optimised process costs, while at the same time maintaining extremely stable quality values.

SurTec 650 Tri-chrome Passivation for Aluminium

A pre-treatment with SurTec 650 results in an outstanding corrosion resistance in uncoated condition, a low surface resistance and at the same time in an optimal functionality as an adhesion base for subsequent coatings. Therefore SurTec 650 is the worldwide benchmark technology for the pre-treatment of aluminium and optimally suited for applications in the Automotive, Electronics & Electrical and Aerospace industry.


Phosphate Replacement for Multi-Metal Pre-Treatment

The phosphate-free multi-metal pre-treatment prior to cathodic dip painting SurTec 609 EC achieves comparable corrosion protection properties as conventional zinc phosphatings. Furthermore, SurTec 609 EC is characterised by a minimum formation of flash rust and maximum resistance against contamination during operation.

White Goods

High-Performance Chrome-free Conversion Coating for Aluminium

SurTec 643 is especially characterised by the fact that filiform corrosion and paint adhesion remain within the specifications without any problems even in strongly aged and contaminated baths. During the development of this technology, the main focus was put on an optimised process and quality control for bath and final product.

Aluminium Profiles

Next Generation for Pre-treatment of Aluminium Wheels

Aluminium wheels are becoming increasingly popular with car owners all over the world. They convince above all through their extraordinary design. Of course, aluminium wheels must also meet the highest demands of car manufacturers in terms of corrosion and weather resistance. Therefore, SurTec has developed the innovative technology SurTec 644, a process which not only fulfils all quality requirements - even for machine faced wheels - at the highest level, but also offers the wheel manufacturer the possibility to realize significant cost advantages by saving energy in the cleaning step and reducing maintenance efforts in all process steps.

Aluminium Wheels


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