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Functional Coatings

The comprehensive technology portfolio from locking, sealing and clamping to dry lubrication is bundled under the world known precote® brand.

The well established brand precote® is known for its locking, sealing and clamping properties on threaded parts. The precote® products specially developed for pre-coating offer advantages in operational safety as well as in processing and efficiency in series production. Almost every car is using precote coatings in order to achieve the needed locking or sealing functions in battery packs, engines, gear boxes, interior, drive train, etc.

As an example - thread locking with precote®: By incorporating the unique microencapsulated components into a coating similar to a paint, precote® locking products are created. After application and drying, the result is a dry non-tacky coating that is permanently attached to the threaded part.

Advantages of precote® coated threaded parts:
  • captive coating

  • safe to operate

  • cost-efficient

  • constant assembly values

  • anti-corrosive

  • no additional mechanical sealing and locking devices necessary

  • coated parts can be stored for a long periode before use

  • automatic pre-coating through qualified and certified coating partners


The broad product portfolio is completed with dry lubrication technologies for metal, plastic and elastomere applications. Bonded coatings, also known as anti-friction coatings, offer many advantages compared to conventional oils and greases for high temperatures, applications with special hygiene requirements or highly loaded industrial machine elements. Our special tribo-coatings help you optimise the friction coefficients and sliding properties of your components and ensure longer lifetimes.

The advantages of anti-friction coatings:
  • completely cover components and form a uniform lubricant layer
  • no contamination due to dry lubrication
  • reduction of friction and constant friction coefficients
  • prevention or reduction of noise (no stick-slip)
  • suitable for particularly high and low temperatures
  • reliable lifetime lubrication

How is precote® working?

Pressure and/or shear stress rupture the microcapsules in the precote® coating when the pre-coated threaded parts are assembled. The liquid components are released and the mixture cures in conjunction with the binder system. After curing precote® offer a combination of maximum locking effect and reliable sealing. The different requirements concerning strength, friction value and temperature stability can be fulfilled by our microencapsulated modified acrylates in combination with precote® binders.

Sealing Function of precote® Coated Threaded Parts

precote® coatings are homogeneous circumferential coatings. The polymerization closes the threads resulting in a reliable sealing. For sealing functions a coating length of minimum 4 thread leads is necessary. If polymerized precote® can withstand very high pressure. This sealing property also prevents corrosion in the threaded connection.

What are Anti-Friction Coatings?

Bonded coatings, or anti-friction tribo-coatings, form a uniform, dry and low-friction lubricant layer on various materials and components.

A bonded coating has a composition similar to that of a coloured paint. However, instead of the coloured pigments it contains one or several solid lubricants. The main constituents of a low-friction bonded coating are:

  • Solid lubricants: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), boron nitride, graphite or a combination of different solid lubricants
  • Binder: organic or inorganic, consists of 1 or 2 components
  • Solvent: organic or water

Good Adhesion due to Dry Lubrication

Dry lubrication is always a good choice for industrial applications requiring a clean, for-life lubricant. Bonded coatings can also be used for both particularly low and high temperatures exceeding 300 °C.

Contrary to other lubricants, a bonded coating or anti-friction coating offers the advantage of forming a uniform adhesive layer on the component. The clean lubrication layer, which cannot be washed off and does not have to be renewed (i.e. lifetime lubrication), optimises your production conditions and helps reduce your maintenance costs efficiently.

Anti-Friction for Metal Surfaces:

Anti-friction coatings protect metals against corrosion and wear. They are particularly suitable for applications subject to extremely high or low temperatures, parts in contact with aggressive media, when exposed to UV radiation or X-rays or for use in a vacuum.

These speciality lubricants ensure constant friction for the entire lifetime of, for example, safety belt components.

Anti-Friction Coatings for Plastics:

It is important to select the right bonded coating to ensure good adhesion to your components. Our product range comprises a wide selection of special bonded coatings for plastics like PA, PPS, ABS, PC, POM and PE.

Bonded coatings for plastics should ensure low friction coefficients, protect reliably against wear, reduce noise (no stick-slip effect) and extend the life of components.

Anti-Friction Coatings for Elastomers:

Good adhesion and compatibility with the elastomer material is an important selection criterion for bonded coatings. Moreover, the dry lubrication has to be resistant to UV radiation and/or to elongation of up to 150 percent. Our special bonded coatings for seals (e.g. O-rings) and elastomers increase wear resistance and extend the lifetime of these materials. They also improve the optical and tactile characteristics of visible components, reduce noise, and facilitate assembly.

Did you know? The speciality lubricant Klübertop TP 38-901 is NSF H1-registered and is approved according to DVGW, WRAS and ACS.

From Wire Drawing to Dephosphating to Plating to Thread Locking

SurTec offers chemical specialities along the entire manufacturing chain of fasteners. From dephosphating to thread locking and sealing – everything from a single source.


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