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Innovative solutions for fast growing market segments

Due to the material basis and the type of use, medical devices and precision components are subject to natural aging processes. In addition, the manufacturing process and the requirements of the purity of the products require extensive cleaning processes. SurTec is a supplier of specialty chemicals for Industrial Parts Cleaning, Metal Pre-treatment as well as Electroplating and acts as a full service provider for your requirements regarding surface treatment in your manufacturing process.

Biocompatible Solutions for the Medical Device Market

Safe solutions for all segments and their suppliers: While products for residue-free cleaning (e.g. SurTec 104), passivation (e.g. SurTec 572) or electropolishing (e.g. SurTec 459) are used in the manufacture of surgical instruments or implants, electro-medical companies rely on systems for passivation of aluminum housings (e.g. SurTec 650).

Medical devices

Sustainable Processes for highest Quality Standards

Eating is passion and cooking is part of eating. Special solutions for pickling (e.g. SurTec 496) prepare aluminum surfaces of pots and pans tailored for the next process step and improve the adhesion of subsequent layers. Powerful cleaners (e.g. SurTec 136) reliably remove all particulate and film-like contamination from cutlery or cookware made of stainless steel.

Cutlery & Cookware

Superior Solutions for Brilliant Prospects

Stylish, modern and inexpensive: The SurTec 88x product line revolutionizes the market for optical frames and opens up almost infinite design options thanks to the wide range of colors. SurTec 199 P is an excellent way to degrease glasses and allow a perfect view.


Added Value for the Aerosol Can Industry


In times of global environmental crises caused by plastic, packaging made of metal is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to its in-house R&D department, SurTec can offer its customers in this area specially tailored cleaning concepts (e.g. SurTec 149) for cleaning monobloc aerosol cans made of aluminum.

Monobloc Aerosol Cans

Decorative Concepts for Consumer Goods

Cosmetic products and everyday products such as razors or insulin pens are an integral part of today's culture. Decorative processes enable the coating of plastics and metals and give the product a high-quality look.


Burr-free Systems for the Textile Industry

Textiles make life more beautiful. However, in order for textile needles to run smoothly, the residues and burrs must be completely removed in the manufacturing process. With the help of the appropriate aqueous deburring chemistry (e.g. SurTec 451), material-friendly removal can be achieved. The following neutral activators (e.g. SurTec 414) reliably remove flash rust and replace aggressive pickling chemicals.

Sewing Machine

Unique Processes for Luxury Goods


Watches are precision engineering products. So that these literally run "like clockwork", the film-like and particulate contamination must be reliably removed. This is possible with aqueous systems (e.g. SurTec 131). In addition to cleaners, decorative systems are also of interest to the jewelry industry.


Stylish Solutions for Sports and Leisure Products

Rods, reels, hooks - with the right decorative coating (e.g. SurTec 886) from SurTec, not only the caught fish is a real eye-catcher. For larger sports equipment, pre-treatment systems on a phosphate-free basis (e.g. SurTec 609 EC) enable perfect paint adhesion.


Smooth Processes for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The fastest way a drug works can be achieved through oral inhalation. Special systems (e.g. SurTec 132) are used to clean the metered dose inhalers, which reliably remove any contamination in the production process of the aluminum shell. Acid systems are required for cleaning production plants (e.g. SurTec 469 for the phosphoric acid "derouging" or SurTec 572 for the passivation of citric acid-based stainless steel).

Pharmaeutical Plant

We Attach Great Importance to Sustainability

The recycling of metals reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60% compared to primary extraction of the material. Plastic is also an excellent material for a variety of applications. Industrial and institutional - plastic is valued for its lightness, flexibility and robustness. Whether metal or plastic, SurTec offers suitable water-based cleaning solutions for raw materials made of metal and plastic (e.g. SurTec 071 for cleaning PET flakes).

PET flakes

At Home in the Cleanroom

From product design and development to manufacturing and series production: With our sister company Freudenberg Medical, MedTech and Pharma companies can realize their product from idea to market launch. The portfolio ranges from molded parts and tubing made of silicone and thermoplastics to finished medical devices such as minimally invasive catheter solutions and voice prostheses. Learn more at


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