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Industrial Parts Cleaning

Industrial Parts Cleaning is one of five core areas of expertise at SurTec. We see Industrial Parts Cleaning as an aqueous cleaning step that adds value on its own and is not part of a surface finishing process.

By selecting the optimum cleaning process, significant advantages can be gained for the entire value chain. By choosing the right cleaning agent, more complex components, higher quality structures and sophisticated production methods can be realised. In addition, new substances can be integrated into the production process if the appropriate cleaner is selected.

In addition, cleaning processes are playing an increasingly important role in improving efficiency by maximising the reliability of processes, ensuring low rework rates and optimising costs.

Optimum component cleanliness and compliance with minimum residual contamination requirements can best be achieved with recyclable, modular multi-component cleaners. These can be specifically adapted to the respective requirements. In addition, modular multi-component systems offer the possibility of analytically monitoring and controlling the cleaning process with little effort, so that a consistent cleaning quality is guaranteed throughout the entire service life.

Added Value for the Aerosol Can Industry

SurTec is the cleaning specialist providing added value to the Monobloc Aerosol Can industry. Our mission is to optimise process cost while achieving perfect cleaning results. Our innovative technology SurTec 149 reduces water consumption, increases bath life time, decreases operating temperature and considerably reduces maintenance efforts.

Aluminium Aerosol Cans

We Attach Great Importance to Sustainability

Sustainability in all areas of corporate activity is one of the core motives in the Freudenberg Group. For this reason, SurTec has been involved for many years in the development of chemical specialities for various recycling processes. With SurTec 071 or SurTec 072 SurTec offers an innovative cleaner for the recycling of PET flakes.

PET Flakes

Cleaning prior to Heat-treatment

Creating added value for the entire process through the additional benefit of cleaning - that is our goal. Residue-free surfaces after cleaning and the rapid evaporation of the temporary corrosion protection can contribute significantly to a longer service life of the heat furnace and at the same time minimise the reject rate.

See SurTec 042 for more details. 

Chemical Deburring at the Highest Level

Chemical Deburring offers many advantages over other deburring processes. For example, the chemical process with the product SurTec 451 is advantageous for the removal of burrs and particles, especially for components with complicated geometry and at areas which are mechanically difficult to access. 


Sales Sheet SurTec 451

SurTec Science Slam

Cleaning – that’s easy, isn’t it? What factors provide the basis for effective cleaning? Dr. Maximilian Donath, Project Management at SurTec International, answers these questions using a common example from everyday life.

Added Value Surfactant Blends

Surfactants are the heart of industrial parts cleaning. To achieve maximum added value within the cleaning process, the choice of the optimum surfactant is always a compromise between cleaning performance and foam formation. With SurTec's surfactant blends you will find the right technology for every application.


Overview SurTec Surfactant Blends


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