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Functional Electroplating

Proven traditional processes meet innovative and sustainable technologies

Innovation is often described as "reaching new goals by new means." For SurTec innovation also means re-evaluating existing processes and realising dedicated improvements for leading-edge applications.

With this approach, SurTec succeeded in upgrading traditional processes – such as Zinc and Zinc-alloy electroplating – to highly innovative applications with only slightly modified process parameters.

High Alloy Zinc/Iron/Manganese Process

SurTec 782 EARTH is a novel, environmentally compatible and safe electroplating process with high corrosion resistance for rack and barrel application. It replaces simple phosphatings as well as alternative zinc/nickel processes as pre-treatment for subsequent painting.

Modular, Alkaline Zinc/Nickel Process for all Applications

For more than ten years SurTec 717 has been one of the leading processes in its category. This is not least due to the extremely stable electrolyte and the extraordinarily high metal deposition rate.

Low-temperature Chromiting

SurTec 688 has been developed for working at lower temperatures (25-35°C) and is suitable for alkaline and acid zinc coatings. It produces stable haze-free coatings.

parts plated with SurTec 688

Chromium(VI)-free Thick Layer Passivation for Zinc and Zinc Alloys

SurTec 680 Chromiting is a universal process for zinc and zinc alloys. It meets highest requirements regarding heat resistance and corrosion protection whilst allowing for a waste water free application. 

There is also a Chromiting version available which is low in cobalt: SurTec 680 LC

Thick Layer Passivation

Alkaline Zinc Process for Ferrous Metals

SurTec 704 is a well-proven process for zinc plating of ferrous metals. It deposits high-gloss, well passivable zinc layers and is also very suitable for the zinc plating on parts with difficult shapes. 

Depending on the requirements for corrosion protection and appearance, SurTec also offers the optimum passivation for your application.


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