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Decorative Electroplating

Aesthetics meet quality and environmental friendliness - SurTec has been successfully developing and manufacturing technologies for decorative surfaces that meet the highest quality standards and work without environmentally harmful substances for decades

Aesthetic and decorative surfaces give a high-quality appearance to many everyday items. Surfaces need to look high-end and stylish as well as restrained and elegant. This applies for a wide variety of objects such as door knobs, fuel tank caps, faucets, radiators and office furniture. These are just a few examples of decorative elements that might sometimes even act as a signature for a particular manufacturer's brand.

To meet the extremely high quality standards for decorative surfaces, where even the smallest amount of contamination leads to defects, SurTec offers optimally integrated processes. These processes are environmentally friendly and optimized regarding total process costs.

SurTec is doing pioneering work in the field of chromium(VI) replacement. More than 25 years of experience have led to novel, high-quality technologies based on chromium(III), which are convincing in function as well as colour. More than 600,000 litres of chromium(III) electrolyte are in series production worldwide, with a further 420,000 litres in project phase. 

SurTec 883 XT is the pioneering technology on the market for trivalent decorative chromium processes. The SurTec proprietary formulation is the first and only 100% chromium(VI) replacement for decorative applications. More than 300,000 litres of electrolyte are already in practical use worldwide.

SurTec 883 XT - The First and Only 100% Chromium(VI) Replacement

SurTec 883 XT is a decorative chromium process on trivalent basis. It achieves identical colour values as established chromium(VI) processes and is therefore the first and only process on the market which reliably meets the requirements of the users.

L = 83 to 85

a = -0.5 to -0.8

b = -0.5 to -1.5

Car interior

Trivalent Chromium Processes with a Broad Range of Colours

Discover the broad colour variety of the product family SurTec 88X. Our portfolio of trivalent chromium processes shines in numerous colour variations from light to dark. We would be pleased to support you in choosing the appropriate technology for your application.

SurTec 88X-family

Exclusive Designs with Satin Finish

SurTec’s advanced Satin technology SurTec 851 enables semi-gloss and non-reflecting nickel coatings with an extreme uniform finish. Its basic additive system prevents pores, black spots and rapid agglomerations whereas using a continuous system provides a very long bath lifetime.

SurTec 851 colour range

High-Performance Bright Nickel Process

SurTec 859 produces nickel surfaces of very high quality and delivers extremely active layers which are excellently suited for chromium plating. Furthermore, SurTec 859 shows a very good scattering and metal distribution.


SurTec Science Slam - Plating on Plastic

Giving simple plastic a visually and haptically appealing surface? Dr. Julius Gröne explains the science behind it using a raisin bun as an example.



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