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Value-enhancing processes for unrestricted mobility

The expertise from three applications that are closely linked in the production process - Industrial Parts Cleaning, Electroplating and Metal Pre-treatment - is combined for the benefit of the customer.

Leading-edge Corrosion Protection Especially for the Aerospace Industry

SurTec 650 has been successfully used in the aerospace industry for decades. The chromium(VI)-free passivation provides an excellent corrosion protection on aluminium components and forms a superb adhesion base for subsequent painting processes. 


Reliable Break Systems require Reliable Corrosion Protection

About one billion people every day use rail vehicles. Whilst travelling on trains or tramways feels safe and smooth, the break systems of a rail vehicles actually have a demanding job to do. They are crucial for passenger safety and have to resist enormously high temperatures and other environmental impacts at any time. SurTec 650 is the technology of choice when it comes to the pre-treatment of break calipers and discs in rail vehicles. SurTec 650 reliably ensures durability of essential break system parts. 


High-performance Corrosion Protection for Highly Stressed Parts on the Road

Cathodic corrosion protection with zinc/nickel is the method of choice when it comes to corrosion protection for heavily stressed vehicle parts. The modular system SurTec 717 has already proven itself for more than 10 years in the surface treatment industry. The process is characterised by a very good metal distribution and a permanently high current efficiency. Due to the extraordinarily stable electrolyte, extremely long service lives are also achieved.



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