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SurTec 851

Exclusive Satin Nickel Finish

  • Enables semigloss and non-reflecting nickel coatings with extreme uniform finish
  • Additive system includes carriers and wetter which can be analysed
  • Long bath lifetime due to using a continous system
  • Basic additive system prevents pores, black spots and rapid agglomerations
  • Broad range of satin effects to match automotive OEM requirements

Exclusive Designs with Satin Finish

SurTec’s advanced satin technology SurTec 851 enables semi-gloss and non-reflecting nickel coatings with an extreme uniform finish. Its basic additive system prevents pores, black spots and rapid agglomerations.

Door handle

Satin Nickel Finish for Car Interiors

The exclusive satin finish meets all colour code requirements of automotive OEM’s such as:

  • Porsche Galvano Silver 09
  • Daimler Silver Shadow
  • VW Group 3Q7
  • and many more
Car interior

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