Chem-Trend and SurTec Unveil Seamless Integrated Solutions at Euroguss 2024

Chem-Trend release agents, as well as SurTec cleaners and passivations, ensure safety along the entire value chain

For the third time, Chem-Trend and SurTec – both companies part of the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Group – will jointly present future-oriented solutions for the die casting industry at Euroguss from January 16 to 18, 2024. The two partners will explain how the die casting industry can overcome emerging challenges in the field of process chemicals. The key issue to carefully coordinate the cast parts’ cleaning with the die lubricant used during the moulding process will be addressed. Topics to be presented at the trade show include solutions for the current trends in the die casting industry: Structural components, also in connection with Giga casting and its high requirements for structural quality, cast component cleanliness and the advantages of rheocasting, as well as environmentally sustainable solutions.

“The requirements for process chemicals in die casting are increasing considerably across all areas, especially in the automotive industry. Microspray applications, for example, are becoming more and more in focus due to their high productivity and positive impact on environmental topics, as are relatively recent processes, particularly rheocasting. Together with SurTec, we will be showing at Euroguss 2024 how the die casting industry can effectively benefit from such developments by using innovative mould release agents, high-performance cleaners and one-stop passivations,” says Darko Tomazic, die casting expert at Chem-Trend.

SurTec and Chem-Trend will be presenting how to improve die casting processes with regard to component quality and how to safely clean the moulded die cast parts in subsequent process steps. The focus is on structural components, for example, which today – even in light of the growing demand in the area of e-mobility – must meet increasingly higher quality requirements. Equally important are new, naturally age-hardening aluminium alloys, that place new demands on the mould release agents used during the casting process as well as in the subsequent value chain. Many structural components are subject to a so called WBK process (WBK is standing in German language for “Washing”, “Pickling” and “Preservation”). Ideally, the components are then prepared for the further process steps through the innovative passivation solutions of SurTec. The need for environmentally sustainable solutions also plays an important role for the two partners, who belong to the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities Group.

Joint research for customized solutions

The joint research between SurTec and Chem-Trend with a view to tailor-made solutions has been an integral part of the companies’ product strategies for several years. While Chem-Trend’s focus is on HERA™ die lubricants, the partner’s focus is on its SurTec 650 solution for passivating aluminum and its low-temperature portfolio in the field of industrial parts cleaning. “At Euroguss 2024, we will be demonstrating specific use cases for our customers. These include both the mould release agents as well as the immediate, efficient cleaning of surfaces and their optimal preparation for further processing steps. We will explain the advantages that users along the entire value chain can benefit from,” says Dr. Jens Krömer, Director Global Markets at SurTec.

At Euroguss, which takes place from 16 to 18 January 2024 in Nuremberg, experts from SurTec and Chem-Trend will be available in Hall 7A, Booth 110 to answer any questions on process optimisation and advise users on specific challenges in the production process. 

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