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precote® 50

High-Strength and Heat-Resistant Thread Locker for Screws ≤ M4

  • Fast Curing
  • Service Temperature up to +180°C (+356°F) (DIN 267-27)
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Captive part of the thread
  • Non-destructive dismantling after breaking loose

precote® 50 is a varnish-like, solvent free coating system based on microencapsulated acrylates for sealing and locking of threaded parts. The dried film is tack-free and non-sticky. Its characteristics as a locking element become effective only when the capsules are ruptured by shear and pressure stress and the set-free components are allowed to cure. The securing effect was confirmed by the vibration test according to Junker DIN 65151 und ISO 16130.

precote® 50 is a high-strength and heat-resistant thread locking coating. It can be used on all external and internal threads size up to M4. precote® 50 can be used in all kinds of assembly procedures, particularly series production. Areas of application are electronics, two wheel and automotive industry, household appliances, office machines, computer industry, electric motors, e-mobility, etc.


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