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SurTec 313

Sustainable & Energy Saving Anodising Process

  • Energy saving due to high anodising temperature, high sulphuric acid concentration & lower voltage
  • Reduces maintenance cost due to a long bath lifetime
  • Great uniformity of the anodic coating
  • High aluminium concentration possible
  • Less cooling needed

Sustainability and Energy Saving in Anodising

During the anodising process the H2SO4 re-attacks the anodic coating. The re-attack is directly proportional to temperature and time.

SurTec 313 contains organic acids able to protect the anodic coating in two ways:

  • Heat transfer from metal to solution
  • Chemical attack inhibitor

Therefore, the electrolyte temperature can be maintained higher than normal without damaging the anodic coating.

SurTec 313 also contains complexing agents that allow to work with a higher content of dissolved aluminium.

Energy savings:

  • Higher Anodising temperature
  • Higher Sulphuric Acid concentration
  • Working voltage is 2 or 3 volts lower than conventional  

Reduced managing costs and improved quality:

  • Lower dissolution of aluminium
  • Longer bath life. It's not necessary to periodically dump the anodising solution.
  • Improved uniformity of the anodic coating

Voltage reduction due to higher temperature

Voltage reduction due to higher sulphuric acid concentration

Anodising at 20°C without SurTec 313 (no cracks)

Anodising at 30°C without SurTec 313 (cracks)

Anodising at 30°C with SurTec 313 (no cracks)

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