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SurTec 866

Bright Acid Copper Process

  • For extremely bright copper deposits with excellent levelling, especially at lower current densities
  • Produces ductile and low-stressed copper layers
  • Well suited for parts with deep recesses or complicate shapes
  • Fast & economical process: very efficient additive system with low maintenance cost
  • Stable brightener system with much reduced formation of decomposition products
  • Additives have different colours to avoid possible confusion during the addition
  • Suitable for steel, zinc die cast and plating on plastic

A New Generation of Acid Copper Plating

SurTec 866 is the perfect process for extremely bright copper deposits with excellent levelling especially at lower current densities. The deposited layers’ burning and pitting resistance properties are best in class.
SurTec 866 can be applied on ABS and PA as well as on different metals such as steel or zinc die cast. Additionally, it is well suited for parts with deep recesses or complicated shapes.

cupboard handles with copper surface

Improved Economic Efficiency

SurTec 866 comes as a highly concentrated electrolyte. In combination with its very efficient additive system it reduces maintenance cost and hence provides for a fast, economic and efficient application.

car door handles with copper surface

Approvals, certificates and test results

  • IMDS-No.: 736943

    IMDS-No.: 736943

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